Getting the Infamous Awkward Blind Date to Succeed – Bring the Best Sexy Out of You.




You have taken a while to bounce back from a previous relationship, and everyone is worried about you and desperately trying to get you the perfect match. Date after date no particular person has wanted to go out with you for a second date and you’re minutes away from throwing in the towel. You are out of options on what to do to get your date to want to see you again. Get you palm of your cheek and read on to know how to make your blind date call you endlessly for that much coveted second date.

They say first impressions last forever, so the first thing you ought to do is dress to kill. You have to get your blind date thinking of how sexy you look throughout the date. If you get your date stammering the moment you walk in then you know you probably have hit the nail on the head. To dress well, you have to select colors and designs that bring out your best side and hide the worst. Break the bank if you have to, the greater the effort you make, the more impressed your date will be for going a long way in trying to look good for them.

Now that you have made a great first impression you need to keep up the pace by maintaining an excellent conversation. Try not making the whole night an interview but rather stick to interesting subjects that you love. Wow your date with your intelligence. Your date needs to see that you not just sexy on the outside, but you also have a brain to back it up. Read about interesting topics that you love if you have to; just do not go there blank. You do not need a moment of awkward silence.

Nothing makes you appear sexier than being able to select a venue that spells romance. You need to get a place that sets the mood right. A place that can let you date know that you are there to wow them into a second date. Most people who set you up for a blind date will give you a little information about your date, so you best make sure that you ask about the kind of settings you’re to be blind date loves.

Lastly, to perfect the whole show, you need to bring out your best personality. If your best personality is not good enough then try and forge one that you know is acceptable by most, and you can maintain for a while. A person attractiveness increases if they are interesting to be around. A great personality definition on a few hours date would be a courteous, attentive and patient personality.


Just like lawyer practices for days on how to close his case to see judgment move in his favor, you need to practice how to say your goodbyes best. Being gentle, patient and wise not to ask for more than what you blind date expects will land you a yes for the second date.


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