Guaranteed Female Orgasms<----Say What!

For a way to make your partner have an explosive orgasm in a matter of minutes, try the Kivin Method.  Read all about the Kivin Method for guaranteed female orgasms.

The Kivin Method. Also known as “Tahitian Cunnilinus,” is a technique that people swear by. Sex experts agree that it’s a full proof way to achieve an orgasm in minutes. It’s done by approaching from an unusual angle and pressing down on the perineum.

Position yourself. The woman should lie down on her back and spread her legs. Her partner should be lying next to her at a 90 degree, perpendicular angle. Their hand should be on her pelvic bone, pushing lightly toward her stomach while the other hand should have its index finger or thumb pressed down on her perineum, the space in between her anus and vagina.

Her job. The woman’s only job is to lay back and enjoy it with her legs spread. In some cases, she can hold her legs up for a different approach to the position. She should specify her preference for clitoral stimulation, because it varies.

Female masturbation

Female masturbation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mouth moves. Her partner’s tongue should be moving up and down, or for her, side to side. The tongue should be going back and forth on her clitoral hood. Apparently, when the woman is aroused, her partner can feel two bumps on either side of the hood.

The perineum. The real magic that comes with the Kivin Method is the stimulation of the perineum. It’s the spot between the anus and the vagina. Her partner should press down on the perineum lightly, as it causes a fast and powerful orgasm.

Keep going. Once you feel her body initially start to orgasm, keep going. The continued stimulation will make her orgasm intense and powerful. This will prolong her orgasm as well.

Fast results. This method is extremely easy for any couple to try, as well as extremely fast. It reportedly works in under five minutes for the majority of couples that try it. It’s great for a quickie.

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