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Oral Advice From Lesbian’s to Straight Men

Listen up guys. You may think you are the master pleaser,The ABC lickmizter, The…well you get the idea. Or you are the type that says I don’t do that! Well if you don’t you won’t get very far in the relationship. But not to fret, here is advice from the best people to give advice on Oral pleasing because they have a vagina…Yes Lesbians! They made the rule book and kind of enough to share

1.Put her at ease.
Make her feel comfortable and relaxed. Let her know that you’re down to go down on her. And don’t give the signs that its a chore or favor for you — this is something you want to do for her.
When she sees that you actually want to please her, and aren’t just doing it as a formality, She didn’t pick a loser and it’ll turn her on and really get her natural juices going.


2. Take your time…Whats the rush
Some women can get super self-conscious over how long it’s going to take them to climax.
But if you let her know you’re not in a rush (by taking your time and not grabbing the raincoat right away),she’ll fully give herself up to the situation.Like in any situation.. No stress equals more fun.

3.Explore.Explore! Explore
Believe it or not there are more areas to a woman body than her tits,ass and mouth
Kiss her thighs, stomach, shoulders and neck. Nibble on her breasts, and caress her curves.
The Woman’s body is a very beautiful thing, explore it and you will see.
Allow her to feel every sensation, from head to toe.When you are going down to the damn MAKE SURE: The beaver is wet cause a dry one is an unhappy one, so make sure she’s wet before you dive in. Fellas, foreplay is your best friend


4. I’m Here…Now What.
So you have followed everything so far and now you have reached the promise land…now what?
A quick lick of tongue or small suck not going to cut it. You made it this far make it count.
Start with slow licks, soft kisses and slight sucks, your just getting started.
Increase speeds with licking and when she starts moaning you are doing something right.
Use your fingers to explore her G-Spot(Make sure finger nails are trimmed). You might not find it right away, but she’ll be happy you tried, and practise makes perfect, right?
And ASK her if that’s good, its not like asking for driving directions, its asking here if you are pleasing her right and if you are not MOST woman will tell you what she wants.

-man-and-woman-going- down

So there it is. So before heading down south, know that going down on a woman is going to take some commitment. When you go down on a woman, it’s a process that can take a long time
But believe you, me…Both of you will be glad you did.

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