Take A Better Firework Photo


This time every year, The 4th Day of the 7 month (July) The United States of America celebrates it’s independence from the British Empire and how do you know its the 4th of July?

The bombardment of out of focus,To bright,To dark,To small,To big photos of fireworks that flood
social media. For the most part you can’t blame the person taking the photo because smart phone camera technology (even tho it is getting better…well better than IPHONE)  can’t get all the razzle dazzle fireworks have to offer. So until it catches up try this instead.
What wizardry is THIS! No Wizardry, its called a Graphics Interchange Format or to the common folk GIF. There’s tons of great GIF-making apps out there, with GIPHY Cam, DSCO Cam, and Giffage being among the best of the bunch. Another option is Instagram’s under-used Boomerang app. While not GIF-making software but close enough, Boomerang lets you capture a quick burst of five photos and the app animates them together.
For the IO’s there is Live Photos. Was released on IO’s 9 version. iPhone captures a few quick shots before and after you press the button, so long as the viewfinder is option and the feature remains turned on. Live Photos also have one key advantage over most other formats: they capture sound. With fireworks, capturing the boom of the explosion can be just as powerful as the burst of light.


Of course Google has something for that and Its called Google Photos. IT utilizes  some AI to turn your shots into moving pictures. The feature is filed under the Assistant tab, and Google takes a collection of photos captured within close proximity of one another to create what it calls animations. Pretty neat but there is more….With Google photos you get UNLIMITED cloud storage space. PLUS It plays nice on Chromecast so you can showcase all your KA-BOOM Firework photos on a TV so you don’t have to pass your phone to all your friends and pray non of them drop it.
The answer is…they shouldn’t. 4th Of July isn’t all about fireworks. It means summer time. So you can take your new found knowledge of GIF to the beach to catch the better things in life.
If your wife or Girlfriend…hell even a complete stranger likes to run on the beach….more power to them and don’t waist the moment take out your phone and snap away.
Or Anything else you see at the beach
Or If you are at a different kind of beach, like say a nude beach…same rules apply….DON’T WASTE THE MOMENT

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